Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boss oo boss

I am a pretty straight forward and sometimes a vocal person. But most of the time I like to be in silence. Silence is golden- a proverb but if it is wrongly used, people will thought that we are arrogant.

Doing works and completing tasks are no big deal to someb of us. So we think. Expect people to have same waveleghts of ideas and thoughts is also not true at most of the time.

I used to work under this boss years ago and now he is my boss again after being seconded again. I dunno what went wrong last week that he made a sulking kind of statement. We just need his new address for completing our intellectual property form upon submission to the lawyer and yet he was reluctant to give his new address. He also made remarks that if the patent is granted, he will not ger the profit. Duh??? So why on earth we want his biodata and address to be included in the form?! Guy also has PMS?

Lady boss hard to discuss, guy boss is the last resort.. but it seems guy boss is just like lady boss...
Lets vibrate to this new world that we still not in short of respectful leaders..
Today's song: Kiyomi... have fun and stay cute wherever u are

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apssie daisy

I dunno whether blogging is outdated now since the emergence of many other techno savvy social applications or networks twitter and wassupss or even instagram. But I suppose many who are still committed to this since I have a few regular blogs that I like to surf or read.. and these peoples are still updating their blogs everyday mind you. Kudos to these people. For today, I just upload this Blogspot apps to my i-phone and I am quite proud of myself since I did this myself. Poyo kan. I am so ketinggalan but it is better late than never.. he..he.. So I will try to upload whatever I come across everyday. Everyday??? heh..heh.. Don't know who cares.
By the way, today I dedicated a song entitled 'Father and Son' by 'Ronan Keating n Cats Steven' to someone out there who feel under the weather today.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Perjumpaan Hangat Geng Sekolah Menengah

Minggu lepas hari Sabtu,  30th May, I attended reunion party organised by a few ladies from our batch of ex-mrsm Terendak.
I tried a few times to upload the pics of the chicks since the party only organised for the ladies despite our school is co-ed. 
I haven't met many of them for ages since many of us went to diff. uni locally and overseas.
We took pictures, giggles just like in out teenage years and catched up with the stories of our life thus far. But time is rather constraint in which I couldn't
mingle with all of them. 
Anyway, I still miss my BFF Ina.
Here are the pics. Mmuahs.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 and still alive is good thus far with all the rezeki given is more than enough. This year hope to add another kid(s), Allah willing insyaAllah. 
When still alive, we have to move on doing something significant to oneself, others and the country.
Searching for cure for cancer is not an easy task. No one has found it as yet. It looks impossible but will pray and tawakal to Allah that whatever compounds we found and optimise in the future will not give the bad effects to the patient. For me, it is not a one man show and single organisation's effort to achieve this dream.
Hope can travel to three overseas countries this year..hope my husband's health is ok.
Hope we can do our ibadah well. 
Hope the ruh of my beloved fathers, relative, prev. boss and friends aman di alam barzakh. Alfatihah.
Syukur. Enough said..

Monday, October 8, 2012

What will be ..will be

Hieya is October 12' already..I am suppose in the era of working people who has their KPI mak nenek and is time to pulun since we have another quarter to go to accomplish 'The Mission'. My work life at workplace had been crazy for this is hard to focus in accomplishing one work load specially the core work that is research. Today, I have to take a leave so that I can have my quality time to write a semi-technical paper and to do the thinking on the future of current on- going projects especially to do some patent analysis. Gila tak..amik cuti so that I can do my core 'bussiness'. At work..people are chasing deadline to accomplish these auditing thingy..I need a break man..


On the other note, I feel quite numb these days. Thank to Allah that my hubby had finished all his clinical procedures that he had to go through due to his chronic illness. Feel a bit relieve. Unfortunately, this year also I faced with berita kematian my best friend Ina Gee. Al fatihah to her, Semoga ruh beliau ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Tak ada lagi geng untuk I share all my ups and down in life, geng to share our laughers and tears, geng to give good moral supports and all.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Still adjusting

  • Couldn't sleep thinking of nonsense. Facebooking didn't help. It's getting boring
  • Watched CSI NY with hubby last night about Adam stalking online using 'Nexting' kinda social network while doing his database search or dry lab experiments and then he bumped into a murder. Told Mac Tyler and the whole team prioritised the case to solve who killed the victim. Name any databases, even they have hammer database..that's too good to be true for a lab to have all sort of databases. Wish can work with that kind of database
  • Back to story of of my 'toy' is dead. No chance to repair. Never had any major problems before I went off studying over "the sea". Tired of listening to the 'person' that cause this 'bad' fate. Life must go on.
  • Juggling to follow the needs of being on "a world class research", on ISO, on 5S, on commercialisation, on adjunct campus, on getting funding, on getting collaborators (not entirely my needs's crazy)
  • and back with the infective questions like our bussiness is theirs: like "How old is KIMI?". Me nicely said"3plus". Next thing ? Guess the typical question my friends.."Can tambah hha.." Me"Of course insya Allah". :P...Please..ask me a more intelligent Q coz I feel stupid by answering those. Maybe I am stupid afterall.
  • adjusting the "unfriendly" of "friendliness" peoples. Is it difficult to reply a salam or greetings and show a smiley face in the morning? I know living in KL is very stress but come-on..Show me ur smiley face :)))
  • Ah..finally my heart and soul..kimi..certainly the ceria force in the family..he has started his pre-school.

Enjoy ur day even u have a Sh***y boss.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Pic 2010

Now it's already 9 months since we left Sydney for good. Daddy cont. his work as LA (shortform used in my workplace...ha..ha..). Me back to work as "semi-pure" government servant (cause my workplace is semi-government) and Kimi growing up very fast as an active toddler, woody wood pecker, dr, so on and so forth.

We had been to JB (my hometown) in which kimi pronounced as "Jo-Oh" for our hari raya aidilfitri. Prior to that, we had been to Segamat (my hubby's hometown), Trengganu (KT) and Kuantan for family holiday. Ok la jugak tu to cover for this year kan. At least for a 3 year old kimi, he had cover a lot more than both of his parents when they were at his age.

This pic was taken masa eidul fitri kat rumah arwak tok I. But quite sedih la, my father and 2 uncles dah arwah. I'm sort of "kemaskini" kan kimi..ceh..padahal samping pasang siap shj.

Ni 'port' kimi and atuk Nak & Atuk Man dia almost everyday. Tu pun dia tak muak jugak, weekend mesti ajak bothg of us for brekkie. Boring la the foods..asyik2 mee hoon.

Ni trial n error of making muffin. Nasib baik ada 2 anak dara in my family - my youngest sis n my little cousin. Kimi pun menyibuk nak tolong. Almaklumlah, muffin is his fav.

This is the first n last lasagne that I cooked this year. Rasanya belum ada mood nak masak ni lagi. Wait till next year kalau ada permintaan. Si bujang ni punya fav. food jugak..pasta.

Si bujang ni mandi pagi mesti pakai air panas..apa ingat ni London ke? Sydney ke? Cubalah mandi air sejuk..dia tak nak u. Nasib baik dah boleh isi air sendiri. His newly acquired skill.
Gambar-gambar ni mana yg boleh capai je. Coz' terlampau banyak na gambar dalam mcm2 folders kan. Will upload yg lain pulak next round. Ok..have a nice day and Happy New Year (Awal Muharram) di mana shj anda berada.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



That is my blog

The slowness of the internet

The malas-ness of myself

The lack of free time

It has been nearly 6 months

We are now here

In our motherland

Back for good (you never know..)

Almost 5 years

Peoples grow

Peoples change

That's what I see

I'm still ordinary

Only with a PhD

Nothing changes

Inside me

Whatever it is

I'm happy

I have my hubby

and KIMI

besides me


Kimi now is 3 years old