Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boss oo boss

I am a pretty straight forward and sometimes a vocal person. But most of the time I like to be in silence. Silence is golden- a proverb but if it is wrongly used, people will thought that we are arrogant.

Doing works and completing tasks are no big deal to someb of us. So we think. Expect people to have same waveleghts of ideas and thoughts is also not true at most of the time.

I used to work under this boss years ago and now he is my boss again after being seconded again. I dunno what went wrong last week that he made a sulking kind of statement. We just need his new address for completing our intellectual property form upon submission to the lawyer and yet he was reluctant to give his new address. He also made remarks that if the patent is granted, he will not ger the profit. Duh??? So why on earth we want his biodata and address to be included in the form?! Guy also has PMS?

Lady boss hard to discuss, guy boss is the last resort.. but it seems guy boss is just like lady boss...
Lets vibrate to this new world that we still not in short of respectful leaders..
Today's song: Kiyomi... have fun and stay cute wherever u are

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